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Rent Our Extra Warehouse Space. LOW COST
Current: $13 Per Pallet Per Month!


Location: Sacramento, CA

Rates 2024
Minimum Renewal Storage
$750.00 Month
Rate per Pallet
$13.00 Pallet/Month
Rates 2024
$0.25 Carton
Line Request
$1.00 Line
Outbound Pallet
$3.50 Pallet
Outbound Order Fulfillment
$1.00 Order
Inbound Case
$0.53 Case/Unit
Inbound Pallet Handling
$3.50 Pallet
Devan Palletized Container/Trailer
$5.00 Pallet
Floor-Loaded Container/Trailer Devanning
$450.00 Container/Trailer
Rates 2024
Small Parcel Shipping Labels
$0.15 Carton
Pallet Wrap
$4.50 Pallet
Wood Pallets New
$12.00 Pallet
Bill of Lading
$7.50 BOL


Find a better deal with Tazza: Unlike traditional warehousing companies, we're not solely in the business to make money from renting space.

We believe in sharing our resources to help business like yours thrive.

Thank you!


Leverage our Network to Help your Business Thrive!


REACH OVER 75% of the US in 2 Days


FAQ Section

  • How do you ensure the reliability of your shipping services?
    We measure our performance with key performance indicators and conduct root cause analysis for any bad orders, covering the cost of expediting shipments if necessary. We also develop process flows for complex functions to ensure our team knows exactly what to do.
  • How does Tazza Logistics manage inventory?
    We have developed processes for receiving, storing, and moving products to ensure the right things are in the right place at the right time, documented thoroughly to leave nothing to chance.
  • What is our core business?
    We partner and ship to major grocery, mass drug, home & garden and gyms with product in over 50,000 stores nationwide.
  • What services does Tazza Logistics offer?
    We offer a range of services including warehousing, contract packaging, transportation, inventory management, and pick and pack fulfillment.
  • What is Tazza Logistics?
    Tazza Logistics, a division of Tazza Brands East, Inc. operates out of our facilities in Joliet, IL and Woodland, CA. Our mission is to provide high-quality logistics services in a timely manner, catering to each project's specific needs to ensure excellence.
  • What is your approach to pick and pack services?
    We spend time upfront to fully understand customer requirements, ensuring an efficient and effective pick and pack service. We aim to provide a great experience from start to finish for both our customers and their customers.
  • Where is Tazza Logistics located?
    Our facilities are located in Woodland, CA and Joliet, IL proximity to important rail, ports, airports, expressways, and major US cities.
  • Can Tazza Logistics handle international shipping?
    Yes, our full-service transportation division can ship your products anywhere in the world and in any mode.
  • Why work with Tazza Logistics?
    Advantages include reduced inventory and holding costs, minimized handling, elimination of warehouse space needs, reduced lead time, streamlined supply chain, and lower transportation and labor costs.
  • What warehousing solutions do you provide?
    Tazza Logistics offers comprehensive warehousing solutions for both B2B and B2C clients, ensuring customized fulfillment to meet all logistics needs.
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