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Pick and Pack

Once we fully understand the customer requirements, our team designs the optimal pick and pack process for the situation. Terraboost focuses on the following design elements:
Pick and Pack Process. We create a process that includes layout, receiving inbound shipments, inventory system entry, proper storage, item location, work area, packaging, kitting, labeling, volumes, transportation, and delivery.
Documentation and Training. Once the pick and pack process is complete, we document it and train our team. The goal is to leave nothing to chance.
Technology. To properly manage a pick and pack operation, you need a transportation management system (TMS), and warehouse management system (WMS), and the appropriate scanners. Our pick and pack operation is well established and we use state-of-the-art technology to serve our customers.
Transportation. A pick and pack operation is only as good as its inbound and outbound transportation. Terraboost's transportation group moves thousands of shipments per month in every mode. For our pick and pack operations, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the delivery time and the cost per unit.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You can’t manage what you can’t measure. At Terraboost, we measure each project in our warehouse using KPIs and scorecards. The goal is to measure a few important indicators of success, rather than a lot of metrics that don’t guide us toward continuous improvement opportunities.

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